Our cookies are made fresh daily and are $3.50 each.


The Goodly General

The best fresh baked, late night Chocolate Chip cookie out there! This classic is made with the finest ingredients in the land bathed in chewy goodness, baked to golden perfection and doused with a chocolate chunk kick.

Choc PB Love

For the PB connoisseur who thinks they have tried it all. Try a warm one of these and we will blow your peanut butter lovin mind right off your head and put the goodliest smile on your face that you have ever seen.


White Chocolate Raspberry Delight

This giant, amazing, and one of a kind cookie will leave you wondering how you ever lived without the WCR in your life before now. Loaded with real raspberries and lots of gooey white chocolate, this is absolutely one of our favorites.


Big CinnaJon

This snickerdoodle inspired cookie comes with homemade cinnamon chips that burst during baking to leave incredible cinnamon pockets to create the perfect balance of warm, sweet, and cinnamon. Named for a huge inspiration to our operation, the late Jon M Huntsman, who taught us the value of giving back.


Double Chocolate Walnut Chunk

If you like chocolate, you have hit the jackpot! This dark chocolate dough complemented with the milk chocolate chip is a match made in heaven. Even if you think you don't like nuts in your cookies, these walnuts are the perfect equalizer to balance these flavors and give the crunch that sets this cookie apart from any chocolate-chocolate cookie you have ever tried.


The Duchess of Goodly- Gluten Friendly Chocolate Chip

This delectable new addition to our menu is just as tantalizing as our Goodly General, but made with entirely gluten free flour. As always, our classic chocolate chip is made from Semi Sweet chocolate chips and weighs in at 6 oz.


Monday-Thursday 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday 7:00 pm – 1:00 am


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